Educated Seniors make Smart Choices

Education Resources for Florida Seniors

The Senior Learning Council provides education to Seniors on both a group and individual basis on the topics that are timely issues to the baby boomer generation and beyond. Through the Senior Learning Councils resources of experts, we provide Florida seniors the ability to remain independent and secure in their future.

We provide objective information and promote public education on ways to meet the changing needs of Florida’s older population to age well and live well.

Senior Learning Council encourages all Floridians to Live Well and Age Well. This includes healthy lifestyles to improve individuals’ health and to reduce the future demand for long-term care services.

We provide resources for older Floridians and their families to find information regarding health and support service choices.

This may also include new technologies that allow persons to preserve their autonomy and help people to help themselves.

The Senior Learning Councils values:

  • a solid reputation for non-partisan, balanced information
  • policies that address both the needs/preferences of older persons as well as their substantial contributions to communities
  • its representation and protection of frail, low-income and minority populations